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    Language Translator Version Date
    Download AcooBrowser Installer NOW! * English Acoo Browser Team (http://www.acoobrowser.com) 1.97 Jul-18-2009 Download

    Arabic Awadh A Al-Ghaamdi (http://www.alsayra.com/vb/forumdisplay.php?f=81) 0035 Jul-18-2009 Download

    Bulgarian V. Vladimirov 0004 May-20-2008 Download

    Download Chinese version NOW! Chinese Simplified Albert Ting (http://www.kylinsoft.com) 0065 Jul-18-2009 Download

    Chinese Traditional David Wong 0026 Jun-04-2009 Download

    Preuzmite hrvatsku verziju! Croatian Renato Paviči (Translator-shop) 0016 Mar-18-2008 Download

    Download FREE Dutch version NOW! Dutch CorbTrans (http://www.guider.nl), H.C. van der Burg 0024 Jan-01-2007 Download

    Danish Torben Reffeld 1.96 Jun-04-2009 Download

    Download French version NOW! French Nico220 0035 Nov-26-2008 Download

    Download German version NOW! German Arno Krumpholz (http://www.cappoodoo.de) 0065 Jul-18-2009 Download

    Download Hebrew version NOW! Hebrew TikBT 0022 Oct-17-2007 Download

    Hungarian Döbröntei Sándor 0033 Jun-04-2009 Download

      Indonesian Nurahmat Agustianto 0003 Jul-21-2007 Download

    Download Italian version NOW! Italian Giacomo Margarito (http://www.freewaresnews.it) 0064 Jul-18-2009 Download

    Korean TaeWon Yun, pCsOrI 0009 Aug-18-2007 Download

    Persian (Farsi) Keyvan Barband 0060 Jun-04-2008 Download

    Polish Kamil Szymanski 0023 Jun-04-2009 Download

    Download Portuguese version NOW! Portuguese Francisco Teixeira (http://fnft.pt.vu) 0014 Jun-04-2009 Download

    Portuguese Brazilian Marcelo Barbosa 0008 Jun-04-2009 Download

    Download Russian version NOW! Russian Adept, Dmitry Tretyakov (www.pycckue.hut1.ru) 0036 Jun-04-2009 Download

    Serbian Radisa Aleksic (http://sdpuls.wetpaint.com/) 0003 Jun-06-2007 Download

    Serbian Cyrillic Radisa Aleksic (http://sdpuls.wetpaint.com/) 0002 Jun-06-2007 Download

    Slovak Kušnir Ján. (http://slovsoft.web2001.cz) 0012 Apr-30-2008 Download

    Download Spanish version NOW! Spanish RessuX. , Germán González. (http://www.rztranslations.com) 0020 Nov-26-2008 Download

    Turkish Erhan BURHAN (http://www.eburhan.com) 0041 Jun-04-2009 Download

    You are always welcome to make contribution to Acoo Browser localization. You can translate Acoo Browser by editing the "English.lng" contained in the "Language" directory. After editing the language files, you can email the updated language file to us so that we can include the changes in the next release.

    Acoo Browser will automatically detect the available languages. You can switch languages by choosing "Options->Interface Language->Language Name" from the menu without reboot.

    If you like our browser, please help us make the Acoo Browser widespread. We will appreciate you a lot if you are willing to help us translate our browser's web page, installation file into the languages which we do not have at present for free. You can contact with us by E-mail: acoobrowser@gmail.com. Thank you for your kindness and help!

    Copyright © 2004-2009 AcooBrowser. All rights reserved. Sitemap