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    Many of the best features were suggested by Acoo Browser users, most of the bugs have been found and fixed with the aid of Acoo Browser users, and many users have devoted large amounts of their time to sharing their knowledge, answering questions in the forum, and helping to support this project. Folks, I salute you.

    I wish it were otherwise, but I cannot appropriately credit everyone who has helped with the Acoo Browser project; if I did, this page would be a hundred screenfulls long and nobody would ever read it. However, there were several who have made exceptional contributions, and it is only fair that I name them here. If you've gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me and I haven't acknowledged you here, please don't be offended.

    Special thanks to Matthew Marsh, along with Amalgamated Developments Limited, MICHAEL CARROLL, Klaus M^o^ller, Gerhard Silvestri, Rainer Weibler, Terry Ahern, Marc Scheper, Guy Depax-Eduako, Nu-Tech-Computers, Frank Peter Schweda, Manuel Martinez Lorenzo, Sergio Ferluga, Oscar Baile, nigel burke, BANDAR AL-GAREE, Dana Webb, Tauno Kataja, Chris Reynolds, Randall Holmberg, Knut-Arne Bjorke, gianfranco grassi, APPAVOU ANDRE, Steffen Muenzberg, Valerie Dale, Oran Edwards, marcin slauzys, Raphael Costales, John Garrabrant, Richard Morden, Hans-Uwe Hannasky, Murray Litster, bud maindonald, sheryl gumbs, Jan Kuhnle, John Walsdorf, Kwaku Agyei-Fosu, Ruediger Sowa, Jules Beaudoin, JUAN CARLOS RODRIGUEZ ROBLES, Martha Freeman, Innovative Concepts, Edward Corn, Roy Flores, Karl-Heinz L¨štz, Alan Eustace, Carlos T F de Souza, Kendrick Dwyer, for their generous donation to support the development of this free Internet Browser.

    Thank you to the following people for translating Acoo Browser website into other languages:

    Chinese - Albert Ting
    Russian - Dmitry Tretyakov
    French - Nico220
    Spanish - Germán González.
    Croatian - Renato Paviči?

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