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    Acoo Browser is based on IE. It uses the same privacy settings as IE in the system level. If you change any settings in the privacy/security tab in Internet Options dialog, the change will be directly effective in Acoo Browser.

    Acoo Browser doesn't collect any privacy information (name, search words, browser history, usage statistics, email, host IP, etc) from the user's computer without EXPLICIT consent from the user.

    Acoo Browser will not automatically download any 3rd party software without user's permission.

    Acoo Browser automatically connects to www.acoobrowser.com to check for newer versions at startup. When users check for new version of Acoo Browser, Acoo Browser doesn't send any user information to the server. It only downloads the latest version information and compares it with the current version information to tell if there is a new version. It has nothing to do with spyware. You can disable auto-update in the options dialog box if you don't like it.

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