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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is Acoo Browser free?
    A: Acoo Browser is freeware. 100% Free! You do not need to register and it does not have any user's limit. However, we accept and appreciate monetary donations to help and encourage the development of this software. Your support will make Acoo Browser supply users with better service and any help from you will advantageous for it becoming the best web browser. We will appreciate you a lot.

    Q: Is Acoo Browser spyware?
    A: Acoo Browser is 100% real freeware, not adware or spyware! Acoo Browser will never send any data to us or any third party.

    Q: The popup blocker features works well, however, there are some web sites I want the popup windows to be shown. How can I temporarily turn off the popup window blocking feature while I am on these web sites?
    A: The popup window blocking feature is intelligent enough to block popup windows, however, there are times when you want these windows to be displayed. You can over-ride the blocking feature at any time, by hold down the CTRL key while you click on a link. In some case you may want to hold down the CTRL key a bit longer to process page-load and page-unload popups. Alternatively, you can add the web sites to the White List.

    Q:Is Acoo Browser a secure browser?
    A: Acoo Browser is based on Internet Explorer, so Acoo Browser is as secure as Internet Explorer. Acoo Browser supports all SSL secured websites and Acoo Browser's encryption length is the same as Internet Explorer's.

    Q: When I open many tabs at the same time, some of tabs will hide automatically because of the great number of tabs. It is very inconvenient when we use. Does it have any solution?
    A: You can choose option "Acoo Browser Options" in "Options" menu, and then choose "Appearance" in "Tab" option, uncheck "Show scroll buttons" and click "OK" button at last. After restart Acoo, you can not see the phenomenon which tabs hind when you open many tabs at the same time but only find tabs become smaller with the open of new tabs.

    Q: Why does Outlook or Outlook Express open a hyperlink in Internet Explorer even though Acoo Browser is my default browser?
    A: It's a bug of Microsoft Outlook 2000 or IE 5.5, for more information click here.

    Q: Does Acoo have "URL Alias" function as other browsers?
    A: Yes, it has. If you choose option "Acoo Browser Options" in "Options" menu, and then choose option "URL Alias" in "Address Bar", you can assign alias of websites that you often use .

    Q: How to pronounce "Acoo"?
    A: For the exact pronunciation in English listen to the mp3 below.
        Acoo pronunciation audio file

    Q: When I want Acoo to open new pages in a new tab when clicking on "go" for a different URL in the Address bar, it just replaces the url in the currently open tab. Does it have any solution?
    A: You just first choose "Acoo Browser Options" in "Options" menu, and then choose "Tab"->"New Tab", choose "Automatically open new tab from" "Address Bar" or you can only select "Automatically Open New Tab"

    Q: How to uninstall acoo browser?
    A: There are two ways that you can choose to uninstall acoo from your computer safely. Please remember if you want to uninstall acoo completely, before run uninstall program, you should close all IE windows. After you run uninstall program, you need to restart computer.

    (1) You can uninstall acoo browser from your "Program" menu. The way is as following: click "Start", click "All Programs", and click "Acoo Browser" to choose "Uninstall Acoo Browser". Once starting to run, you can move acoo from your computer according to the instruction of uninstall program.
    (2) Or there is the other way to uninstall acoo. The way is as following: click "Start", click "Setting" to choose "Control Panel". Double-click "Add or Delete Program" and to click acoo browser. You can move acoo from your computer according to the instruction of uninstall program.

    Q: I like Acoo Browser. How can I help?
    A: We are glad to hear that you liked Acoo Browser. These are several things you can do:

    • Make a donation to Acoo Browser. No amount is too small (or large).
    • Tell all your friends and relatives about Acoo Browser. You can use our Tell-a-Friend page.
    • Post your comment about Acoo Browser at Download.com: go to download.com, search for Acoo Browser, click on "You rate this title" link.
    • Contact PC Magazine and PC World editors and tell them how much you like Acoo Browser.

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