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    Shift to Online Help

    Function of main menu

    Whether menu command can be used or not relates to the chosen items in current Acoo Browser window. If menu is dark, it means this menu command is not workable at present.
    The most important and commonly used command are showed in tool bar, and they can be chosen by context menu (Usually it pops up by clicking right key)
    Menu item and explanation are listed as following:

    "File" menu

    1. "New": open a new browser window

    Blank Page: Open a blank page. Also, you can use mouse gesture" downwards" to accomplish the same function
    Home Page: Open homepage in new window
    Current Page: Reopen current browser website in new window
    From Clipboard: Open the address in clipboard within new window

    • "Open...": open a local HTML file or website link
    • "Opened Recent": display the list of links which you open recently.You can choose any one and reopen it.

    "Reopen Last Closed Site": Reopen the site you closed latest

    • "Save As...": save current document to file
    • "Save As MHTML": save current document to file of MHTML format
    • "Print": print current document
    • "Print Preview": preview the print result of current document
    • "Print Page Setup": change size, header, footer, direction and page margins of current page
    • "Send"

    "Page by E-mail": send current page by E-mail
    "Link by E-mail": send the link which points to current page by E-mail

    • "Import and Export": import and export favorites and bookmarker
    • "Properties": show the property of current document
    • "Work Offline": show current status of joint: offline or online
    • "Close": close current browser window
    • "Close All": close all opened browser windows
    • "Exit": exit application

    "Edit" menu

    • "Cut": delete chosen content and copy it to clipboard
    • "Copy": copy chosen content to clipboard
    • "Paste": insert the content which is cut or copied to a chosen position
    • "Select All": select all items in current page
    • "Find": search for appointed words in current page

    "View" menu

    • "Toolbars"

    "Standard Buttons": display standard buttons
    "System Bar": display system bar
    "Address Bar": display address bar
    "Links Bar": display links bar
    "Search Bar": display search bar
    "Lock the Toolbars": lock the size and position of toolbars
    "Customize": customize toolbars

    • "Status Bar": display or hind status bar
    • "Explorer Bar": display or hind explorer bar

    "Favorites": display or hind Favorites'explorer bar
    "History": display or hind History' explorer bar
    "Popup Blocker": display or hind Popup Blocker' explorer bar
    "Ad -Filter": display or hind Ad-Filter'explorer bar

    • "Go To":

    "Back": shift to the previous page of history. You can also use mouse gesture "leftwards" to accomplish the same function
    "Forward": shift to the next page of history. You can also use mouse gesture "rightwards" to accomplish the same function
    "Home Page": shift to home page

    • "Stop": stop load current page
    • "Refresh": refresh the content of current page
    • "Auto Refresh":

    "Disabled": disabled "auto refresh"
    "Set Refresh Frequency": Set the frequency of auto refresh
    "Every X seconds": refresh current page automatically every x seconds

    • "Text Size": designate the text size of current page

    "Largest": choose the largest text size
    "Larger": choose the larger text size
    "Medium": choose the medium text size
    "Smaller": choose the smaller text size
    "Smallest": choose the smallest text size

    • "Encoding": designate the Windows character set which is used to show this page
    • "Zoom"

    "100%": display the original size of current page
    "Zoom in": zoom in the current page
    "Zoom out": zoom out the current page

    • "Source": show the HTML source of current page
    • "Privacy Report": show the privacy policy of the web
    • "Full Screen": enlarge the current page to the full screen
    • "View Logs": view the history of popup blocker and ad-filter

    "Groups" menu:

    • "Organize Groups": use group manager to establish and manage websites' groups
    • "Add to Group": add the current website to a subsistent group
    • "Save All Open Sites as Group": save all open sites to a new group

    "Favorites" menu

    • "Add to Favorites": add current page to the favorites list
    • "Organize Favorites": open favorites

    "Options" menu

    • "Popup Blocker": setting allow or blocker popup
    • "Enable Ad-Filter": allow or blocker the ads in pages
    • "Proxy": show the usable list of proxy server

    "Customize": organize the list of proxy server
    "Use IE proxy": use IE proxy server as current proxy server
    "No Proxy": do not use any proxy server
    "The List of Proxy Server": choose any one defined proxy server and set it to be the current proxy server

    • "Download Control": Under default situation, all the options as following are open. You can close any one of them to acquire higher speed and securer when you are online. Please pay attention that the options of download control can just be applied to current website that you browser. If you want to change default download control options of all websites, please change them in option dialog.

    "Load Images": If you select it, you are allowed to load images.
    "Load Videos": If you select it, you are allowed to load videos.
    "Load Sounds": If you select it, you are allowed to load sounds.
    "Allow Scripts": If you select it, acoo will allow executing scripts on websites
    "Allow Java Applet": If you select it, acoo will allow executing Java applet.
    "Allow ActiveX": If you select it, acoo will allow executing groupware of ActiveX on webpage

    • "Set as Default Browser": set Acoo Browser as default browser
    • "Skins": display the list of usable skins
    • "Acoo Browser Options": you can change the setting of Acoo Browser
    • "Internet Options": show the internet options which can be used to change some settings of IE

    "Tools" menu

    • "Mail and News"

    "Read Mail": open your internet E-mail programs
    "New Message": build new message
    "Send a Link": send a link which points to current page by E-mail
    "Send Page": send current page by text of E-mail
    "Read News": open your internet news reading program

    • "Synchronize": updated all the offline content
    • "Windows Update": open windows update webpage and update groupwares
    • "Clear Records": clear records which acoo establishs automatically

    during the process of using
    "Clear Undo List": clear the list of websites which are opened recently
    "Clear Cache": clear all the temporary webpage document
    "Clear Search History": clear history folder
    "Clear Typed Address": clear all addresses in address bar
    "Delete All Cookies": clear all the cookies

    • "External Tools": add,delete,edit or run external tools

    "Window" menu

    • "Cascade": arrange windows by cascade
    • "Tile Horizontally": arrange windows horizontally without cascade
    • "Tile Vertically": arrange windows vertically without cascade
    • "Close All": close all open browser windows
    • "Close All Except Current": close all open browser windows except current window

    "Help" menu

    • "User Manual": show the online user manual
    • "Donate to Acoo Browser": we appreciate you if you can donate to Acoo Browser
    • "Acoo Browser Homepage": shift to the webpage of Acoo Browser
    • "Feedback": please send your feedback of using acoo to us
    • "Check for Update": check for the updated version of acoo
    • "Tell A Friend": commend Acoo Browser to your friends
    • "About Acoo Browser": show the information of program and copyright

    Shift to Online Help

    Copyright © 2004-2009 AcooBrowser. All rights reserved. Sitemap