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    Création de plug-ins

    In current version AB there is all necessary for creation your own plug-ins. They can be realized as the built in panel in the basic window of a browser. The example plug-in enters into standard delivery of the installer of a browser. You can see it by choosing  View-> Explorer Bar-> Example plug-in (Panel) menu of a browser. On image 1 it is possible to see a window of a browser after inclusion of a plug-in. As you can see, in a window of viewing of the document the panel of navigation on pages of AcooBrowser site at the left has appeared.

    Image 1

    Let's consider more in detail a structure of a plug-in file on the Example plug-in. It is in folder Plugins of AcooBrowser root. We shall open a folder of a plug-in. In it there are three files - plugin.ini, acoo.ico and index.htm.

    Plugin.ini - simple text ini file which can be open in a standard Notepad which contains the basic adjustments of a plug-in. The lines beginning with a symbol ; are comments and work of a plug-in do not influence. The first and unique significant section - [General]. We shall consider its values:

    Parameter Value Description
    name Example plug-in (PANE) The name of a plug-in displayed in Panels of the Observer and used in the name of a window of the panel
    author AcooBrowser Name of the author or the company which have created a plug-in
    website Site of the plug-in creator
    email Contact e-mail the author of a plug-in
    version 1.0 Number of the version of a plug-in
    filename index.htm The basic file of a plug-in
    comments It is example AcooBrowser plug-in. The comment to a plug-in, displayed in the panel of a status of a browser
    type PANE Type of a plug-in while it is accessible only PANE (panel)
    language English Language of a plug-in (English, Russian, etc.)
    icon acoo.ico The icon of a plug-in which displayed in the Explorer Bar menu

     As it is specified in the table a role of a plug-in carries out HTML document. Thus at inclusion of plug-in in Explorer Bar the window in which this document opens is created. Therefore in realization of a plug-in you can use all functions of HTML language, scripts (Java, JavaScript, etc.), all other opportunities as well as at creation usual a web of page.

    1. The basic tools by means of which you can create the plug-ins begin:
    2. The text editor (the Notebook, EditPlus, NotePad2, etc.)
    3. HTML the editor (if necessary) (Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia DreamWeaver, etc.)
    4. The graphic editor (PS, PSP, Paint, etc.)
    5. The program for creation icons (Microangelo, Awicons, etc.)

    We wish you successes in plug-ins development!

    PS. And, certainly, all of us shall be very glad to contemplate your creations, therefore send them on our email: (with English description).

    Also you can discuss this subject in our forums: will available in the near future.

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